Posted by: soapchix | July 21, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Soap Dude Wes has issued a fatwa against my mint plants. I’m not sure when it got so personal between them. What did mint actually do to him? He loves the mint soap and especially the lavender mint soap we make so I would think he’d have a little herbal compassion.  But, the mint really has gone a wee bit crazy in the little garden bed that Wes built for me last summer. I planted the mint alongside several lavender plants to have both to use in our bath products.  The mint has choked out my lavender plants (thank goodness we have lavender planted all over the place) and now it is overflowing in a happy tumble over the sides of the bed and into the neighboring grass. …..the grass isn’t faring so well in that spot. So as Wes inspected the pathetic grass and my exhuberant mint plants this morning he threatened someone (hopefully not me) with the weed whacker. “By the end of the day you better do something about all this freakin’ mint.” Let’s just say he’s a little stressed right now.

So I have now harvested tons of mint leaves which will find their merry way into many bars of mint soap  in the next few weeks. I’m also making a few gallons of sugary mint iced tea and maybe a few mint mojitos to share with the neighbors.  If y’all can think of anything else or have any great recipes using mint, please let me know.   In the meantime I’m going to go raid our soap supplies for a few bars of lavender mint soap and plant them strategically around Wes’ office. That’ll fix him. :)

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the evil weed up close



  1. OK, Ash…when you said the mint had taken over, I had no idea you meant it had grown like that!!! I have mint envy.

    It’s a good thing yours is doing so well, because mine died not too long after planting. I’ve heard mint is the easiest plant to grow, so you can imagine how I feel about it.

    Yay mint for soaps!

  2. Oh! Mint is great for making a pesto sauce. Just use gobs of leaves, olive oil, parmesan & either pine nuts or walnuts. I don’t have a recipe so you just have to eye-ball it. This is super-easy to make in your blender. I love having this on-hand in my frig because is means I always have a quick meal for my growing kids (who BTW insist on eating everyday!). Also, sauté shrimp in butter, add a splash of soy when the shrimp are cooked. This makes a yummy sauce to serve over pasta. Then, garnish with chopped mint. Again, easy! The best part is that Wes and the girls will love this healthy, tasty & pleasing to the eyes meal…..I’m a bit shocked that you forgot to mention Mint Juleps!!!

    What about a Mint Tea Sugar Scrub? I loved the Green Tea Scrub.

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