Posted by: soapchix | July 15, 2007

The Sweet Smellin’ South

hydrangeasHi Y’all. One of the things that Tiffani and I have in common is some time spent in the South, and an appreciation for the quirkiness and charm of the area and its people.  I was raised in the South and have many friends and family members back there….and many of them are rather quirky and charming! For whatever reason, summertime out here in Colorado always makes me pretty homesick, pathetically so. This past June was no exception so I packed up the chillun’s (that was my grandmother’s way of saying “kids”) and headed back to South Carolina to soak up some sun, my mom’s amazing cooking, and a wee bit of humidity. My hips and my hair needed none of the latter two items but neither can be avoided when going home.  We spent many long hours breathing in the sea air, drinking gallons of sweet tea, listening to cicadas and smelling honeysuckle, magnolia blossoms, and well, the pluff mud in the marshes around Charleston.  (I think I had enough of mud so we won’t be offering mud masks anytime soon.)KIawah River

But a visit home would also not be complete without a trip to Rosebank Farm to see Sidi Limehouse’s famous hydrangeas.  Hydrangeas happen to be my favorite flower and June is when they are at their most glorious.  The blooms are almost impossible shades of robin’s egg blue, pale lavender, royal purple and every shade in between.  These flowers are definitely inspirational so don’t be surprised if you see a few purple and blue swirled soaps here soon. If only hydrangeas had a wonderful smell that could be captured, too….. Oh well.

ro and hydrangea 

So with a head filled with sweet memories of dear old S.C., I’m back in Colorado dreaming of new ways to add a little bit of southern charm to our products.  And maybe our products can relieve some of my homesickness….the salt scrubs could remind me of days in the salty air. The magnolia and honeysuckle soaps can take me back to lazy afternoons swinging in the hammock. Now if only I could find a decent glass of sweet tea ’round here.



  1. Hear, hear, Ash! I totally get where you’re coming from on the summer home-sickness. I have been clinging to my Honeysuckle soap like a pacifier! I miss snapp’n peas on the front porch while the echo of a distant train fills the silence. I also miss Gramma tending to her hydrangeas as I marvel at her patience & wonder about the mystery of her thoughts. Summer also evokes memories of stealing the ripest peaches off Granny’s coveted tree & the juices dripping down your face and shirt were the only evidence of your crime…. Then, Granny would bring you inside & tell you they’re better with ice cream! (I’m gonna have to order the Peachy Keen!!!)

    If you’re look’n for a good glass of iced sweet tea like back home, then you have have sun tea….. if you don’t mind waiting all day for it to steep.

  2. Sun tea sounds heavenly right now! It’s nearly 100 here in CO today but my shady front porch, a pretty decent breeze, and the new Harry Potter novel are waiting for me to join them. Some ice cold tea would just be the icing on the cake! Thanks for the idea, Amy!

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