Posted by: soapchix | June 12, 2007

Striking a Pose

In all the posts about our trip to Chicago to participate in The Country Living Show,  I forgot to mention one of the most exciting things that happened to us….we were asked to pose for pictures for Country Living magazine! Monica, one of the really sweet editors for the magazine, met us back at the Farm Chicks Show in Washington in May 2006. She was there, of course, at the C.L. show and came by to say “hello” to us at the booth. We were just thrilled that she remembered us! So on Saturday morning she came by and told us that she would like some pics of us in the booth when her photographer was ready. (How cool is it to walk around with your own photographer!).

Well, we were hesitant…not. We had gone out Friday night and spent way too much money on clothes…we were in Chicago, after all, not Erie, CO….so it was the perfect opportunity to show off our new duds (and the best way to justify the expense to the two soap dudes footing the bills…)

The photographer, who was also really, super nice, came by and the next thing we knew, we were channeling our inner Cindy Crawfords and saying “cheese” repeatedly. Monica stood by and made kind suggestions and it flew by in a blur. When they were done, we were so giddy!

So who knows if the pictures will be used in the magazine or not, but really, it’s all good. I just hope my zipper was up.

From what we are told, the August edition of Country Living will have pictures from this show…we’ll see if our soap (or ourselves) made it in!

 The Soapchix



  1. So Tiff – are you in the first pic or the second? My son saw me reading this blog and said, “So, are your friends all like famous – or sell stuff?”

    If those two are synonymous, then YES!

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