Posted by: soapchix | June 9, 2007

Park Days

 One of the best perks of having toddlers and young(ish!)  kids at home are the days spent at the park.  After a blur of sundresses, sandals, hats, picnic basket of healthy food (if you are soapchix Ashley), Sonic kids meals (if you are soapchix Tiff), & kids asking if ‘the park is close yet!’, the kids pour out of the car and skip onto swings, slides, and sand. 

These are some of our more productive business meetings…talking while pushing the youngest on the swings or laying on the grass watching everyone run around.  One of our girls will usually bring a fresh picked dandelion to us and cuddle for a minute before running back off to play.  It’s multitasking at its finest!

While looking for a good ‘outdoorsy’ scent for a soap that we wanted to be unisex–great for soapchix and their soapdudes–we looked high and low for the right blend of ‘clean and natural’.  Most were too florally, and some were too woodsy.  But then, we came across a scent that mixed equal parts green grass with clover & a touch of aloe.  Every time we smell it, it brings back these days spent at the park, lounging on the grass with the sun on our faces and the laughter of our kids in our ears. 

It’s just one of the reasons why we love our ‘Lucky Clover’ soap so much! 


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