Posted by: soapchix | June 7, 2007

June Contest Winner(s)!

The results are in!

We have a winner!  Two, actually, if you consider the lucky lady who will be receiving a lovely bar of winning soap in the mail. 

Please welcome the newest summer soap into our Wildly Soap line

Mandarin Orange!

And, give it up for our contest winner, Amy B., who will be getting the first bar of this soap once we make it and it ‘cures’ (or, hardens) for a few weeks.  We’ll email you, Amy!

Thanks, everybody, for voting!  Be on the lookout next month for another fabulous contest with more free all natural & totally pampering soaps!

 The Soapchix




  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You have no idea how excited I am for this prize…. I’m literally on the verge of tears! I have NEVER in my life won a durn thing! WooHoo!!! I already have visions of the long, hot shower & wearing my bath rope for hours afterwards while the yummy smell lofts throughout the house – ah, paradise. I’d like to go ahead and order the sugar scrub & small body bling during the week of June 17th so that 35% of your profits will go towards HELLP. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

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