Posted by: soapchix | June 4, 2007

Contest of the Month: June!

Inspired by the ‘pick your own’ farms that are opening their doors to summer fruit lovers (us!) we have ‘picked’ 3 amazingly fruity scents that would be perfect as a soap/scrub/shea butter.  Problem is, we can only use one.

Help us ‘pick’ which fruit scent will be our new soap star!  Add a comment with your opinion and we’ll see which of the 3 wins the popular vote.  Even better–we will ‘pick’ a random winner from the comments and send them their very own bar of soap in the summer scent that is chosen! 

Drumroll, please!  And the nominees are:



Make no mistake, this one’s a doozy!

It will make you smell great, not like a floozy.

It smells like a taste of sweet raspberry lemonade,

That you drink while watching a 4th of July parade.




 Mmmm!  Blueberries in a verbena mix,

another sweet smell sure to be one of our big hits!

It smells divine,

Like how blueberries taste right off the vine,

Vote for this if you want to smell delish!




This one packs quick a potent punch,

I think it may win…call it a hunch.

But everyone loves a juicy orange on a hot day!

So pick this if you want to have your own say.


Again, here’s how this will work….make a comment with one of the three scents:  Black Raspberry, Blueberry Verbena, or Mandarin Orange.  We will make the popular winner into a soap/scrub/shea butter, and randomly pick a lucky commenter to recieve the first bar of soap!  And, if you are feeling really creative, add a cute name for it and we may use one of your suggestions on the label as well!

Happy voting! 

The Soapchix







  1. “Orange you lucky” to have so many great scents to choose. A soap to lather, and a scrub- citrus wins in my tub!

  2. I choose Black Raspberry as I think it will give that all around berry scent. I love your scents and the kids love them too!

  3. Mmmm, love the black raspberry. How about calling it Black Raspberry Refresher?

  4. Mandarin Orange gets my vote! I love my berries, but I’ve got my Brazenberry right now.

    Love, love, LOVE your products!

  5. Ack. I’m trying and trying to think up a cute name for the orange, but Tracey totally already used my idea. (I was thinking “Orange you tired of chemicals in your soap? Orange you glad the Soapchix are here to help?”)

    Mandarin, Baby!

  6. I forgot to put down suggetions for names…
    Maybe “East meets West” or “Orange Harvest”
    My son said “Good Morning, Sunshine” :)

    I think Mandarin Oranges have been noted for reducing the risk for liver cancer.

  7. I think I like the blueberry one. I would name it “Blueberry Bouquet” or “Blueberry Burst.”

  8. I’m going with the blueberry…my kids LOVE blueberries in there yogurt, now they get the chance to soap up with them – they’ll love it! I’ll be using blueberries to clean up blueberries.

  9. Any Man Darin’g to O(A)range the furniture without his wife present is going to receive very few accol-ades.

    Love that citrusey orange thing!!

  10. I love refreshing citrusy fragrances. I have to go with the Mandarin Orange. Name? Not sure, maybe Not Just For Breakfast? Bright New Day?

    Love the blueberry too!

  11. This is TOO funny! I was just picking oranges out of my backyard yesterday & had my nose up against the rind for about half an hour breathing in the heavenly scent…..My vote: Mandarin Orange. Name: Freshly Squeezed…..(wink, wink – you know my theory on the Wildly Lucky name & I’m always “freshly squeezed” by my husband after I bathe with your soaps).

    I know my friend, Susanne, will vote for Blueberry Verbena, but I’ll let her come up with the name.

  12. Black Rasberry gets my vote… “Razz Matazz” or “Razzy Tazzy Soap”… I don’t know..

    Love Your Scrubs… Can’t wait!!


  13. Oh-la-la! Since I’m NUTS over Verbena, I thought I’d for sure pick Blueberry Verbena (“Kickin’ the Blues…berry Verbena”) but that Mandarin Orange, “Zestfully Good” scent… Yummm! So, my vote… Mandarin Verbena!! hehehe

  14. I’m loving the idea of the Mandarin Orange, but I’m not very creative. I do like the Freshly Squeezed idea from Amy B. ;)

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