Posted by: soapchix | May 28, 2007

Bubble Machines????

Selling soap in new markets is always a gamble.  This weekend, our gamble failed miserably.  We discovered the Boulder Creek Festival just wasn’t for us. A great chance for us to check it out, sure. A learning experience, yes. Hours and hours of obnoxious teenage boys proving that they are indeed hormonally challenge, absolutely. Our booth location was pretty lousy…right next to a man with a huge banner painted with scary figures with flames coming out of their heads and scripture about speaking in tongues. He also had a sign that read “Don’t Marry a Jerk” strategically placed next to a stack of bibles. We never really figured out that one and probably don’t want to. Across the street from us was some sort of freaky theatre group and occasionally people dressed like exotic animals would hang out near our booth.  I knew Boulder was “different” but dagnabit…..this is just weird.

At one point I had to tell a few teenage boys that trying to eat the bubbles as they came out of our bubble machine was just no longer funny. In typical teenage fashion they refused to acknowledge my over-thirty existence.  I’m not sure why the bubble machine was such a draw for the pimply set.  With a bubble machine, people come from out of nowhere and within .5 seconds we are surrounded by scores of families and kids. We enjoy watching the kids play in the bubbles, and it gives the parents time to stop a while and check out all our products.   If only the parents would actually shop……

Our devious plan backfired this time.  Suddenly, all anyone wanted to know about was where we got the bubble machine.  Everyone had to have the bubble machine.  All day long,  we were turning away people who only wanted to buy a bubble machine and nothing else.  “But don’t you want some amazingly gentle soap to pamper your baby’s tender skin?”  “No!  We want the bubble machine!”  “But surely you’d rather spend a few dollars on a natural product to protect your skin from harsh chemicals and drying preservatives?”  “NO!  SELL US YOUR BUBBLE MACHINE!”  We had so many requests, in fact, that after a long and mindnumbing day Saturday, we left the Festival, hit up Target and bought 7 bubble machines and decided to sell them. (We felt completely defeated, but we had to come up with a way to pay for the crepes with yummy chicken and artichoke hearts that we ate….and the peanutbutter M&Ms, the tabloids we bought to entertain ourselves, the cute new cooler that we HAD to have for the show, etc. )

The next day, Sunday, was even worse than Saturday (which we didn’t think could be possible).  We were scheduled to remain there through Memorial day, but couldn’t bring ourselves to go back for another torturous day where the only thing people were interested in were cheap plastic things from Target rather than our lovely, handcrafted soaps.  We packed up and pulled out.

Ah, well, our shows can’t all be winners. 



  1. cute photo, Ash!

  2. Next time you’re harassed by pesky teens simply tell them that you’re soaps will help to clear ALL of those blemishes on their face. I’m sure they will be mortified & leave ashamed (perhaps with a bar of yummy soap!).

    Try to do a show in the SF Bay area….. I’ll make watermelon margaritas for y’all!

  3. […] From a Yoga Instructor July 8, 2007 Filed under: Testimonials — soapchix @ 2:17 am Ashley and I meet all kinds of people selling our soap at shows. Most of the time, this is good. We had an amazing time meeting great people at the Country Living Fair last October! Sometimes this is bad, like at the Boulder Creek Festival this year. […]

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