Posted by: soapchix | May 13, 2007

Seriously Cute Aprons

We are always coming across cute aprons at flea markets and such. We bought a few really adorable ones at the Farm Chicks show in Spokane last Spring. They are just so darn handy when selling at shows, especially the ones that have pockets in the front. Neither of us are math whizzes so we have to keep calculators around for figuring out tax, and the pockets are great for this. While shopping last weekend at Anthropologie we came across these and they are just perfect for us! I took this (lousy) photo while trying them on in the store since we were actually giddy from finding them….or the freedom of shopping without any kids, either one.

OK, so you can’t see the aprons very well, but we’ll debut them at the Farmer’s Market next weekend.



  1. […] find a great apron. It will help summon the wisdom of your great grandma, who could tell you a thing or two about […]

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