Posted by: soapchix | May 12, 2007

Soap Suds and Painkillers

As “pros” at selling at Fairs and such, we packed quickly on Friday, deftly loading the trusty mini-van with our fun soaps and body stuff. Knowing that we had to get up at the butt crack of dawn to head into Boulder kept us from one of our long nights in the driveway trying to figure out the best placement of our display pieces. But I really didn’t know how dad-gum tired we’d be once we actually saw 5:15 in the morning and headed down Valmont Road and into town. The worst was that Tiff was still suffering from a massive sinus infection that several Tylenols and assorted pain killers couldn’t fix. When the drugs weren’t making her sick they were just barely helping with the pain…from her sinuses that is. Apparently, if you take enough you can actually slice into your finger while cutting soap samples and not know it. We decided that if she could almost remove an appendage but still feel her aching head that she needed some doctoring so off she went to the hospital.

OK, so the start wasn’t great. It turned out to be a warm, maybe even hot, beautiful day in Boulder. We introduced some new soaps at this show, Peony (ahh!), Spring Blooms (wow!), and Coffee Buzz (whoohoo!) and all were received very well. As always, the dudes seem to like the Rosemary Mint, which sold out, as well as the Honey Almond & Oatmeal. And, as always, at least two different customers asked us if the soap samples were cheese. Seriously. We met a couple of store owners who are now interested in selling our soaps and we had our picture taken for a blog. Check it out here:

OK, so, blood and pain aside, goofy comments from customers and the one crazy homeless man who wouldn’t leave our tent, the show was really a success. It was super fun introducing the new soaps to people and a nice way to spend a Saturday. We’ll be back at the Farmer’s Market in June so y’all come by and see us.


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