Posted by: soapchix | February 19, 2007

At the Show…Gimme Some Shea Butter, ladies!

Alright, so we are here and trying to keep it all together. We are so excited and nervous and anxious and hungry…well, I was at least. Tiff gets stressed out and doesn’t eat but I am the exact opposite. My nerves are so fired up (I just want people to love the soaps as much as I do!!!) so I just need to stuff myself so that I can deal with all of this energy. Well that doesn’t happen so I had to deal with my jitters another way and that meant arranging, and re-arranging and re-re-arranging our booth. I have to say that the booth looks super cute, very colorful and inviting. The thing that worries me a little is that all of the other vendors have only white banners on their tents. No hot pink, red, and super-bright blue for them. Seriously, have any of these vendors ever read Country Living Magazine? Been to a fair? What’s with all the white? Boring. So as we arranged and spruced and wringed our hands with excitement, Tiff and I watched all the eager shoppers line up to get in. We had a great spot right next to the entrance so we could see everyone get off the tram and head our way. So when the “gates” finally do open we see a hoard of happy middle-age affluent women head….right past us. Yep. They all exclaimed, “ooooh….soaps! Yummy!” and kept walking.

But that was O.K. By the end of their shopping day they stopped and shopped with us before taking the tram back to their cars (boy did we get an earful about the parking situation!). The first day was huge, the second day even better, and the third and fourth days were just icing on the cake. Our Body Bling shea butter was a huge hit! I was over the moon about it but mad at myself for not making more before the Show. Tiff and I were actually trying to get our hands on raw shea butter, a Kitchenaid mixer, some other magical ingredients and tins so that we could whip some up back at the hotel. Not being from Chicago hindered our ingredient-finding efforts so we gave up and perfected our “we are so sorry” speech that we gave our customers who had heard all about it. One lady kept coming back and asking if we had any more and left frustrated each time. One woman wanted to buy the tester that was half full (an optimist).

So we have officially added our Body Bling to our menu of products. Whoohoo!


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