Posted by: soapchix | February 4, 2007

On Our Way!

Our soaps-n-stuff loaded into the minivan, our goodbye’s said to the kids and hubby’s, and our driving route printed off, we were ready to roll at 5 am Wed. morning. We needed to make the drive from Denver to Chicago in one day, so we could set up Thursday. That means, according to mapquest, that our drive will be appx. 16 hours straight. The Soapdudes laugh at us. They make comments like, “How far do you think you’ll go before you get a hotel room for the night?” But we astounded and amazed them with our driving determination. Every hour they called us and would say, “Wow, you sound so chipper for being on the road (insert number of hours)!” or, “Hey, you don’t sound tired/cranky at all!” What they don’t realize is that 16 hours driving cross country with a friend is equivalent to 1 hour driving around town on errands with kids. So really, we had stamina to go to New York and back if we needed to.

We stopped at interesting places without getting kids in and out of carseats! We didn’t take potty breaks every 15 minutes! We ate lots of Hostess products without having to share! Listened to music that you can’t find on a Disney soundtrack! And drank lots and lots of Coke! It was like a good ole college road trip! Only, in a minivan instead of a convertible!

We found an original Pony Express station, so we sent postcards to our families and mailed them off in an authentic (looking) mail bag. Ashley packed some melt-in-your mouth organic roast beef, and persuaded Tiff “I only eat potato bread” to try some on the Oatnut bread she also brought. Tiff learned a valuable lesson…with enough mayo, even nutty, chunky, healthy bread tastes good!

We drove and drove and drove. First crossing into Nebraska, then Iowa, and then Illinois. On the border
between Iowa and Illinois we were supposed to veer left and head diagonally towards Chicago….however, due to mapquest have the WORST directions ever at the worst possible times, we continued to go due East. One hour, two hours…we became suspitious when Mapquest was telling us we were there and we weren’t even in Chicago yet. 12 am, the sugar buzz was wearing off and we were a bit road weary. After getting directions from a gas station assistant, we were on our (right) way. One hour, two hours…traffic in Chicago at 2 in the morning (what kind of place is this?!)…we were ready for bed. Finally, 20 hours into our trip, we made it to the hotel and fell asleep dreaming of soap and money.


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