Posted by: soapchix | October 17, 2006

We are excited. Excited, and crazy. Agreeing to be…

We are excited. Excited, and crazy. Agreeing to be vendors at a show across country, paying the up front cost to show there PLUS the costs of getting our inventory up to speed…it’s been one of those leaps of faith where we aren’t sure if we’re super exhilarated or super scared. Looking at our credit card balance, we are afraid–very afraid. But looking forward to being at the show and seeing how our products are received (we have no doubt very enthusiastically!) we are very excited! And so…the numbers:

80 Sugar/Salt Scrubs in our bestselling scents. Sugar and Salts and Oils, oh my! I believe it’s every girls secret wish to rub sugar all over her body–in a very non-sexual way of course–and this is the closest thing to it. Truly divine, and always fun to make.
20 Honeybuns Bath Oil in assorted scents.
80 Milk Baths in various scents…we are pushing to get milk baths more mainstream. Everyone knows what a scrub is for but few people have actually taken a milk bath. Which is a shame because nothing makes for a more skin friendly treat than soaking in one!
500 bars of bestselling soaps. Oy vey, this is going to kill us. Ash and I have stepped up production and each make 2-3 batches of 30 bars a night. Our homes smell delicious, but our arms are aching from all the measuring/mixing/pouring/cutting. Has anyone actually ever seen 500 bars of soap? It’s quite an impressive sight. 500 happy, lucky, heavenly smelling bars of soap…how we love you. But it will be nice to finish the making of the soaps and commence with the selling of them.
60 tins of Body Bling, our newest concoction of skin loving ingredients. This is a trial run–Ash and I love the stuff but want to see how it is received by our adoring public. We whip pure shea butter for hours while mixing in our Lucky 7 oils. Dry skin, begone! Wrinkles, begone! Flaky patches, begone! Cracked skin, BEGONE! If it doesn’t sell, we’ll just keep the miracle cream for ourselves. If people respond to it, then we’ll add it to the website.

Doing all this prep work is the fun part of the business. It’s hard work, but so very creative and fulfilling in a nerdy soapy way. “Look ma! I made a sugar scrub!” However, balancing it with taking care of things on the homefront makes everything a little trickier. Sometimes the worlds collide (such as when my daughter assumed a pile of soap shavings was grated cheese to put in her salad) and sometimes kids take precedence over the best laid plans. But, by starting 2 months ahead of time, hopefully we will prevail over the inventory we need to make.

(note: I cannot find a handy spell check for this thing and apologize for any mangling of words like exhiliration or mangling.)



  1. Hi-I had such fun reading your blog. You are a
    very talented writer.
    I just stumbled on your site when I googled soap
    dish ideas. Glad I did.
    Very entertaining!

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